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Who We Are

The Mhlumeni Camp is a community owned and run tented camp and camping that was started in 2017. The camp is situated on Community owned land within the Lubombo Conservancy (LC). The camp was started to begin protecting the biodiversity within the surrounding areas and to develop the community.
Mhlumeni camp is situated on a gently undulating plateau atop of the hugely biodiverse Lubombo Mountains overlooking the dramatic Mhlabashana Gorge and has magnificent views over the Mozambican Coastal plains to the North- East and Mlawula with the Eswatini Lowveld to the west. The community is almost entirely bordered by Mlawula Nature Reserve. Access to the community and camp is just of the road between the town of Siteki and the Mhlumeni (Goba) border to Mozambique.

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